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S1 Series

The Summa S One™ Series drag knife cutters include many intelligent features and up-to-date technology to deliver the highest contour cutting accuracy for printed graphics. This combination of advanced features makes the S One roll cutter a flexible and future-proof unit. The perfect companion to grow with your business!

This series has been redesigned from the ground up, using the experience acquired over years of developing and building the highest quality roll-fed cutters. It features a brand new chassis, along with newly redesigned sensors, motors, pinch rollers, software, and more.

The S One Series is your first choice where value and reliability are top of mind. With a new stunning design, a powerful sustained cutting force of up to 600 grams, a new level of compatibility between hardware and software, and bringing along Summa’s legendary tracking, the S One is the best vinyl cutter in its class.


  • Unmatched Quality – With Summa’s 15+ years of building cutting plotters, the S One has been meticulously designed to offer strong reliability and has an elaborate build quality that was designed to withstand the test of time.
  • New Modern Look – The S One was redesigned using a stunning modern aesthetic which includes a new mesh basket, mechanical parts highlighted in blue to guide operator navigation, gray grit rollers, and an intuitive and vibrant touch screen.
  • Powerful Cutting Force – The S One’s drag knife cutting head delivers up to 600 grams of cutting force consistently over long jobs and outperforms many other manufacturer’s high-end cutters.
  • Summa’s Legendary Tracking – Many competitors can deliver an acceptable cutting quality, but can they do it over 8 meters long, at full speed, after hours of cutting at full speed, and after years of intensive use? The S One cutter can and was built and tested to do so, and Summa guarantees it.
  • Compatibility – To secure options for a reliable hardware connection, the S One features a high-speed USB port, an ethernet port, and an all-new WiFi connection option that is available to US customers after registering your device.
  • Intuitive Software – GoSign software is included for free with all Summa cutters and is a full-featured cut software with flexible action sets to optimize your workflow.

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Model S1 D160
Width 64 in
Media Width Rolls: 7.5 to 66.5 in
Sheets: 7.5 to 66.5 in
Cutting Area 63.4 in x 164 ft
Tracking Performance Within +/- 0.004 in on plots;
Up to 26ft on rolls up to 30 in wide
Up to 13ft on rolls over 20 in wide
Speed Up to 113 cm/sec diagonal
Acceleration Up to 3 G diagonal
Knife Pressure 0-600 grams, in 5 gram increments
Stand and Basket Included
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