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Fotoba XLD320

The new XLD 320 is an highly versatile X/Y cutter. Being extremely fast it can be used for high volume standard 1,6 and 3,2m media. It cuts textile soft signage at high speed giving the precise cut that enable fast and accurate easy post sewing.

With the True Image Edge Tracking (Fotoba patent pending), the cutting is done with best accuracy (1mm on both X/Y directions).

The XLD 320 cuts a 100mt roll with 2mt prints size in 6 minutes!



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Technical Specs

Max cutting width: 320cm/126in.

Min cutting width: 50cm/20in.

Max roll diameter allowed: 26cm – 80Kg | 60cm – 200Kg with Heavy duty accessory | 60cm – 400Kg con JRU320 (optional)

Max cutting thickness: 1mm

Feeding speed:

X cutting accuracy: 1mm

Y cutting accuracy: 1mm

Net Weight: 510Kg

Gross Weight: 810Kg

Dimensions: 451x100x114h

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