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TexJet Echo 2

Amaze your customers!

This printer’s advanced features deliver breathtaking DTG & DTF results and seamless production, taking your portfolio beyond t-shirts with custom hoodies, personalized shoes, designer creations – infinite apparel possibilities!

With a print area of 41×60 cm (16.1×23.6 in), 10 quick-swap platens, and the ability to use our hybrid* process, this machine is a versatile yet economical choice, designed to simplify the clothing-decoration experience without sacrificing quality.

Let’s break it down: You can produce 50 t-shirts in 2 hours.†By selling 25 t-shirts a day, you can get back the money you spent on the TexJet® echo² within the first quarter!

*Combine with traditional screen printing to skip pre-treatment, reduce ink costs and add special effects.

†Based on 15 darks and 35 whites with a 25×20 cm (10×8 in) design at 720×720 dpi CMYK and 1440×720 dpi WHITE (DTG Printing).

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