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Apex 5R


MultiCam’s all-new Apex5R CNC Router takes heavy duty and advanced manufacturing to new heights. With its sculpted exterior, powerful servos, a wealth of standard productivity features, and spindle options, the Apex5R is crafted to surpass all expectations. With motion speeds exceeding 4,500 inches per minute (IPM) and a 200% increase in acceleration over previous models, this rigid cutting system brings you unparalleled cut quality and productivity.

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  • Max Material Thickness*: 6-8”
  • Gantry Height: 8″, 12″
  • Cut speed: 3,240 IPM
  • Rapid traverse: 4,580 IPM
  • Repeatability: +/- 0.001”
  • Drive System (X,Y): Helical
  • Drive System (Z): Ball Screw
  • Work Surface: 1″ Phenolic
  • (*Stock machine comes with standard 8″ clearance.)



  • Laser Pointer
  • Pop-Up Pins
  • Auto Mister
  • Gang Drill
  • Tapping
  • Knife Cutting
  • MultiVision
  • Dust Collection Systems with Duct Work
  • Tooling Kits
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